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Quality Management System

How will you know if a company you see is a trusted one? Regardless if it is a government agency or private entity, knowing that it is a reliable one means you can always do business with them.

One of the most obvious sign that a company is trusted and reliable is when you see ISO 9001 certified beside or below the company or agency name.

So what is exactly ISO 9001? You might actually be curious since there are already a lot of companies including this tag on their company name. And yes, if you see one, that is definitely a sign that the particular company is actually one of the bestsl.

Having an ISO 9001 is a form of achievement for the company because it stands for Quality. ISO 9001 is a certification indicating Quality Management System but it is not easy to earn it. You just don’t apply without preparation because it is not easy at all. The company needs to be compliant on the universal standards on quality management and to earn that, you need to present your management manual to the assessing body and they will assess whatever that is written on it. But again, without preparations, you will never have that ISO 9001 certification.

A company should be prepared before they decide to have that ISO 9001. The best way they are ready is to hire an external company that actually pre assesses the existing system of your company and not just any company but the one that has Quality Management System assessment that is aligned to achieving an ISO 9001 certification.

Quality Management System is a large scope. The company doing the review and assessment of your current systems are like auditors. They also check on your current process. They will check if there are loopholes to it but it won’t stop there. Everything they cite in their audit will also be their basis to help you improve your current system. This means that they will help you improve and correct your system. If there is an issue on employee skills, they can offer training to help align it on the company’s mission and vision. If you have declared a turnaround time of 15 minutes to process your client’s request, the assessing company will also check on this process if you can really achieve it. The goal is to ensure that each process aligns the entire company’s goals. Do they have a sufficient number of employees or do they have redundant employees? Are they treating their employees well? Do they have a comfortable office for both customers and employees? Can they really provide quality service?

The companies that make pre-assessments in terms of ISO 9001 qualifications make sure that the company they are assessing will definitely get that certification. These companies can actually do developments and implementations of systems to ensure that after all the efforts and money spent to improve a company’s quality management system, you will earn the best sign of a trusted and reliable company through the ISO 9001 certification.

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